Lesson of the Day - Tying Up Loose Ends for Peace of Mind

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Yesterday never happened. Right. Moving on.

It's a bit of short notice-- but considering the frequency of curses lately and how I've been hit by every single one of them and might be lucky to remember my name at some point-- for all interested, shall we go take a peek at the barrier later today? Also, I can turn over copies of all old notes on this as well. For those who come after.

And as I'm sure the people at the Golden Bird I can do this Holy Flower Dragon Tooth Glory Dojo realize, we've recently lost the services of Fujiwara Soujirou , but his previous students should feel free to transfer to Kaoru Himura or our new teachers Takashi Morinozuka and Piccolo. As an added note, the dojo's always on the lookout for new teachers and students!

The city watch... or the police force, as you like it... is also always recruiting.

Ah... Autor? If I could speak to you for a moment?

I think that's it. The least I can do is shut the door behind me.

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[[ooc : Anyone he's spoken to on pleasant terms, would have received the yellow rose of frienship kit for Valentine's Day.]]
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Lesson of the Day - I Can't Draw (Wait I Already Knew That!) Redux

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-- that is not what I meant to post.

[[ooc : The original version of this curse (and first part of the 'epic') can be found here. Edit : Aaand I'm off to bed, will tag back later!]]
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Lesson of the Day : It's Better to Repeat Things of Your Own Volition

How many times have I--? Please be advised that there have been a series of attacks in the area again. Be cautious, especially when traveling alone, and report any suspicious activity to the city watch.

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I could do without so much deja vu all over again. Although it seems to get easier with each 'first time' I arrive in the city. And oddly it was worst the time there were the most people from my world here. Just because of the presence of Black Sword or--? But if we're going to start repeating patterns again...

Anyone else interested in 'poking a few sticks' at the city barrier?

[[ooc : Police peeps would have found a high energy gift basket of their choice - coffee, snack, fruit, or sweets waiting for them at headquarters for the holidays. In addition Special Assault members would have gotten one Kindness Rain healing scroll (2 charges of group healing for moderate-to-severe wounds) Everyone else he knows on friendly terms, he should have been popping up in your entries with gifts, otherwise feel free to assume he got you something very nice! ♥ He tends to drop a bundle on gifts.]]

Lesson of the Day : Walking May Indeed Be Faster Than Teleporting... Part 3


---reports of the uprising to the northeast, so we should spread out and...

Ah... Gengan? Oulan? .....anyone?

. . .

Oh, not again! I know I'm not one to talk about blinking spells going wrong, Viki, but--

This is definitely not L'Renouille. This is a fountain. A very cold fountain. Not good. Dammit, of all the times to have a teleportation go wrong! Well, I suppose I should stop talking to myself and get out of the damned fount--

-- eh, what's this?
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Lesson of the Day : The Smiley Mask Has Not Yet Recovered

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I'm afraid it's a bit late, but I'd like to thank everyone who helped me with Nanami that night. And who put up with me snapping at everyone the rest of the week. It seems that everyone has recovered physically, so let's hope we get a bit of a break with the rest of the curses this month.

Last minute shoppers can at least breath a sigh of relief that we've already had the mistletoe curse. And it's odd, but I swear it's North Window Castle in this snowglobe.

I'm far late for this, but even still, I said I would and it might come in handy next-- Also, is there anyone currently in the city who can regrow lost limbs for others?